Jul 15, 2008

A very funny video about bilingualism - Video yang sangat lucu tentang bilingualisme

If you haven't seen this video yet, the very funny British comic Eddie Izzard has some humorous yet astute things to say about bilingualism.

Kalau video ini belum dilihat, pelawak yang sangat lucu, Eddie Izzard, mengatakan yang lucu tapi betul-betul mengenai bilingualisme.

이 비디오 아직 안 보이시면 너무 재미있는 영국 개그맨 Eddie Izzard 두 나라 말하기에 다해서 우습고 조심성있는 걸 말합니다.

"Je suis le président de Burundi."

"Je dois partir maintenant parce que ma grandmère est flambée." ㅋㅋㅋ

(Warning: some strong language, but nothing too extreme.)


Anonymous said...

Haha. That was really funny ^^ I love Eddie Izzard. What I found cool though is that I don't understand french (cause I haven't started studying it), but I think I understood a lot of what he was saying.

Awesome xD Thanks for sharing it!

Hyunwoo Sun said...

Thank you Ed for the video - I laughed soooooooo hard all throughout the video!! Haha. His French is not only very good but very funny too Hhahahahaha.

Ed said...

He's great. Who else can talk about textbook French and successfully segue into a French version of "Speed"? Pardonez-moi, "La Vitesse" ;)