Jul 29, 2008

답답하죠? (Using 됐다/됐어)

ㅎㅎ 이 블로그 시작했을때부터 2여행 trips 갔고 일 많이했어요. 비커즈 어브 땟, 나는 여기 글 쓸수 없었어요. 미안해요! 나쁜 팀 멤버이죠? 그리고, 요새 새로운 한국어 공부안했으니까, grammar points대해서 이야기못해요. 흠...나는 공부해야죠?

Since we've started this blog, I've been on two trips and been working a lot. Because of that, I can't write here. I'm sorry! I'm a bad team member, huh? Also, these days I haven't been studying anything new in korean so I can't talk about grammar points. Hmm...I need to study, huh?

Anyway..the one thing I can write about right now would probably something I learned today. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Using the phrase "됐다/됐어"

Example 1: When arguing (싸울때)

Man A:
Hey! What are you doing? You said you don't have any money but you're buying another pair of shoes!

Lady B: I know, but I scrounged up enough changed to buy one more pair.

Man A: But you don't have any money! You can barely pay your bills! Go put the shoes back!

Lady B: Fine! -puts the shoes back-

Man A: Why are you like that? You know that if you can't pay your bills, you shouldn't be buying luxury items!

Lady B: I know already! 됐어! Something something something something~~~

(You can see my lack of creativity, right?)

In this case, I was told that saying "됐다/됐어" is like saying "Just stop", "I'm done", etc. Trying to stop the arguement.

Example 2: When you fix something (고치는거 끝날때)

When Boy A finishes putting the chain back on his bicycle, he yells in excitement "아~ 됐다!"

In this case, I was told it is like saying "Yes! I'm done!"

Example 3: When you want to say nevermind. (Nevermind 말하고 싶을때)

Brother A: What do you want to eat?

Sister B: -while eating an apple- What did you say?

Brother A: 아 됐어 됐어, 괜찮아, 괜찮아.

In this case, I was told it is like saying "Nevermind/Don't worry about it." My friend was also trying to explain to me how in this situation, you need to be careful because you can hurt someone's feelings by being rude? Can a native speaker explain that please?

Anyway, I hope all of that is correct and possibly helped you all or made you learn something new! See you around. By the way, awesome posting everyone!


maxiewawa said...

Nice one, thanks! Keep up the good work with the blog too!

Yiwei said...

Hi Cody, I'm learning from you ^_^
I'm also worrying about the politeness while applying a foreign language...
But 我转念一想...(how to say that in English, haha, I don't know very well...)if people I meet are really kind,I believe they could understand my situation and perhaps explain it to me by a kind way ^_^ and the politeness is not only ¨words¨ but also ¨feeling¨, ¨behaviour¨ and ¨attitude¨

Hyunwoo Sun said...

코디, 정말 잘 썼어 :)

Very good examples of 됐다 :)

Nicholas Cripps said...

我转念一想 could mean something like "come to think about it" when translated into English...