Sep 23, 2008

Funny Chinese Sites

Let me talk off the record for a sec... Where's everyone been? Talk with the world has been a bit quiet lately hasn't it?

I don't know how I found this blog, but it's really interesting.

Most (if not all) of its stories are dedicated to stories that have surfaced on the
Chinese language internet. Most give a short summary of the story, and some translations of Chinese language posts. A warning though, that most involve violence, sex, offensive behavior etc.

Pretty funny though.

Best of all, they link to real Chinese Forums/BBS pages where Chinese language discussions are going on.

If you think you're up to a challenge, I recommend you go along and have a look at some of the forums. The language is full of slang, and you have to navigate a mess of Chinese advertisements to actually find the short, quick, sometimes scathingly witty posts that people write.

The most interesting forum I found was here:

Specifically, the 手机自拍 (cell phone pictures) section (you can find it under the 贴图论坛 section, on the left of screen).

Users have taken photos of things that they found interesting with their camera phones.

It seems that everyone in the PRC has a camera phone, so you often get very personal, diary like descriptions of things, with a small photo to go with it. I'm looking right now at some snaps that someone took on their holiday to Thailand. It's pretty simple, but it's still cool to get a window into someone else's life, and particularly interesting to get it in another language. Things always seem so exotic when they're in another language (I guess that's why we're all learning foreign languages, right?)

Sep 22, 2008

The problem with language lab computers

Alright, alright, I think it's time to embarrass myself and expose my Korean speaking voice - "to the world!"

Now, what would happen if you were practicing with a Korean language learning computer module - and then it adopted a voice so distinctive that you think your acquisition will go out the window immediately afterwards? Well, this is how I imagined it...

Sep 21, 2008

日本語の連取 #1

Let's see how this goes. I'm going to give a brief introduction.


*Note: I corrected what Max suggested to change from my original post on my blog

I hope that was okay...

Sep 6, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

The 15th day of August (lunar calender) is a festival known to us Chinese as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

On this day, we Singaporeans celebrate it by having mooncakes and tea while appreciating the full moon. Usually, the entire family will gather to chat too while the children play with candles and lanterns.

Curious to know how a mooncake looks like?

The traditional mooncakes usually have this brown outer layer with lotus paste filling in them. Some of them contain preserved egg yolks which are saltish and kinda taste like cheese. Nowadays, we can find tiramisu mooncakes, coffee, cheesecake, etc filled mooncakes too. I sampled a tiramisu one the other day and it was good!

There is a story behind this festival. I'm not too sure about how it goes but all I know is that this woman called Chang-e flew to the moon upon consuming an elixir. Some people say we can see a woman in the moon and that's her. Oh well.

Sep 4, 2008

First attempt a translating a song

어제도 오늘도 내 하루를 버리고
Yesterday and today, I throw my days away
입가에 웃음이 눈물처럼 흐르는 술에 취한밤
And my lips smile like the tears that fell on that drunken night
생각없는 발걸음이 널 찾아가.
I take a step to find you without even thinking
사랑해 사랑해 이렇게 널 부르잖아.
I love you, I love you so much that I’m calling out to you

가지마 가지마 나를 버리지마
Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t throw me away!
식어가는 마음이라도 괜찮아
Even if your heart is getting cold, that’s okay
미안해 하지마 그런말 하지마
Don’t be sorry. Don’t say those kinds of words.
사랑해서 내가 미안해
I'm sorry that I love you
제발 가지마.
Please don’t go!

잊을수 있겠니 넌 그럴수 있겠니
Can you forget me? Can you be like that?
모아둔 기억들 다 지울수 있겠니
Can you erase all the memories that have come together?
나를 바라봐 죽을만큼 힘이 들어 울고있잖아
Look at me! I’m crying because I’m so tired that I could die
이대로 너 떠나면 나는 미칠지 몰라
If you leave now, I don’t know if I’ll go crazy or not

가지마 가지마 나를 버리지마
Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t throw me away!
식어가는 마음이라도 괜찮아
Even if your heart is getting cold, that’s okay
미안해 하지마 그런말 하지마
Don’t be sorry, don’t say those kinds of words
사랑해서 내가 미안해
I'm sorry that I love you
정말 미안해
I’m really sorry

너를 잊으라고 말 하지마
Don’t tell me to forget you
제발 제발 가지마
Please, please don’t go!

바보야 이 바보야 나를 놓치지마
Fool! This fool! Don’t let me go!
비어있는 마음이라도 괜찮아
Even if your heart is becoming empty, that’s okay!
잊으라 하지마 그런말 하지마
Don’t tell me to forget you! Don’t say those kinds of words!
사랑해서 내가 미안해
I'm sorry that I love you
정말 미안해
I’m truly sorry

This is my first attempt at translating a song by myself. I did get my friend Uri to help me with a couple words I couldn't find in my dictionary and she double checked my grammar. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED THOUGH! lol YAY ME! Tell me if you find any mistakes.

My health.

(I'm writing this really fast because I'm running late for school so I can foresee lots of mistakes. Please correct them if you can!)

지난 금요일에, 저는 가슴에 아파서 병원에 블러드 테스트 하러 갔어요.
보통 건강한 사람의 Triglycerides는 150 정도 여간이는데 저는 430정도 이었어요.
그래서 오늘 아침에 의사가 어머니한테 전화했고 코디 다이에트과 운동해야되다고 말해셨어요.
3달까지 저는 20-30 파운드 빼야되요. 그래서...지금부터 진짜진짜 운동과 다이에트 하고 있어요.
힘 많이 주세요! ㅋㅋ
같이 건당하자. (Let's get healthy together)

아...그리고 가슴 아픈거 대해서 걱정하지마세요, 여러분. 그냥 근육의 문제 이었어요. 저는 괜찮아요. ^^

I went to the doctor last Thursday because I was having chest pains so he ordered me to have a blood test on Friday. I got the results back this morning when my doctor called my mom and he said that I have high Triglyceride levels and I am overweight. A healthy person's Triglycerides are in the 150s but mine are in the 430s so from now on, I have to start dieting and exercising. The doctor said I have 3 months to lose 20-30 pounds or he is going to put me on medication. So I'm really going to start exercising and dieting seriously! Let's get healthy together!

Oh, and don't worry about my chest pains everyone. It turns out that it was a muscle problem.

Sep 1, 2008

More multilingual musings from Mr Eddie Izzard

Another funny video from our favorite multi-lingual "executive transvestite" British comic, Eddie Izzard. He speaks French, German, and Latin (in addition to English) in this segment.

"Où est la plume de ma tante?"

"La plume de ma tante est près de la chaise de ma tante..."

"Où est la plume de mon oncle?"

"La plume de mon oncle est bingy bongy boogy bongy!"

"Non... Pas de tout!"