Sep 23, 2008

Funny Chinese Sites

Let me talk off the record for a sec... Where's everyone been? Talk with the world has been a bit quiet lately hasn't it?

I don't know how I found this blog, but it's really interesting.

Most (if not all) of its stories are dedicated to stories that have surfaced on the
Chinese language internet. Most give a short summary of the story, and some translations of Chinese language posts. A warning though, that most involve violence, sex, offensive behavior etc.

Pretty funny though.

Best of all, they link to real Chinese Forums/BBS pages where Chinese language discussions are going on.

If you think you're up to a challenge, I recommend you go along and have a look at some of the forums. The language is full of slang, and you have to navigate a mess of Chinese advertisements to actually find the short, quick, sometimes scathingly witty posts that people write.

The most interesting forum I found was here:

Specifically, the 手机自拍 (cell phone pictures) section (you can find it under the 贴图论坛 section, on the left of screen).

Users have taken photos of things that they found interesting with their camera phones.

It seems that everyone in the PRC has a camera phone, so you often get very personal, diary like descriptions of things, with a small photo to go with it. I'm looking right now at some snaps that someone took on their holiday to Thailand. It's pretty simple, but it's still cool to get a window into someone else's life, and particularly interesting to get it in another language. Things always seem so exotic when they're in another language (I guess that's why we're all learning foreign languages, right?)

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