Sep 6, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

The 15th day of August (lunar calender) is a festival known to us Chinese as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

On this day, we Singaporeans celebrate it by having mooncakes and tea while appreciating the full moon. Usually, the entire family will gather to chat too while the children play with candles and lanterns.

Curious to know how a mooncake looks like?

The traditional mooncakes usually have this brown outer layer with lotus paste filling in them. Some of them contain preserved egg yolks which are saltish and kinda taste like cheese. Nowadays, we can find tiramisu mooncakes, coffee, cheesecake, etc filled mooncakes too. I sampled a tiramisu one the other day and it was good!

There is a story behind this festival. I'm not too sure about how it goes but all I know is that this woman called Chang-e flew to the moon upon consuming an elixir. Some people say we can see a woman in the moon and that's her. Oh well.


Chie said...

I tasted Mooncakes and so good..thanks for the blog is: love your blog..I'm studying Korean..^^..goodluck to me and to you..^^

Theresa said...

nice to meet you, chie.

i'll drop by your blog every now and then. all the best to our korean learning journey. :)

Chie said...

haha thank you so much..^^ God Bless..^^

Nicholas Cripps said...