Apr 29, 2009

Sticking Papers


Today I read the above blog and in one of his posts, my friend Tommy Lim Tai-jun said they placed paper defining all nouns found at home.

For a little more information, Tommy Lim entered my former school after I left. So we really don’t know each other personally. Someone just happened to connect us. Tommy is a Chinese-Korean. Born in Taiwan, raised in Xiamen, and now is in Korea. He studies Korean language just as I did before together with his brother, Andy, and younger sister, Lisa.

Again, he said that most things found at home now has tapes or papers on them displaying the noun’s Korean translation. They did it for the youngest, Lisa, age 11 who will repeat 5th Grade in Korea. I guess their toilet displays “화장실” right now.

If you live alone, this might be a good idea. Especially if you are creative enough to make artistic designs!