Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year to everyone!

I'd like to wish everybody on this blog a very happy new year!!! ^^

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!

Dec 28, 2008

New Chinese Podcast

Has everyone heard of

No? Well it was started by one of the guys from ChinesePod who has apparently moved to Beijing. It follows a similar format, but with northern accents.

Also, where is everyone? Part of the reason I"m posting this is that no one has posted in a while, and a new visitor recently commented on how little new material there was.

Dec 27, 2008


난 지금 디즈니월드에 있다. 플로리다에 있다.
재밌는데 집으로 가고 싶다. 여기서 3-4 날 지내면 좋겠는데 난 8날까지 여기 있을거야. 쫌 심심하다.
그리고 택사스 다시 도착할때 2주반 후에 새 대학교에 갈거야.
정말 신난다. 난 새로운것 시작 하고 싶거든.
새 친구 만나고 새 것으로 탐구하면 좋겠다.
그래서...신난다 ^^

아...그런데 내가 대학교 끝날때는 것 정 했다.
대학교에서 일본어를 공부하려고 하니까 끝날때, 한국으로 이사하려고 하고 일본인한테 여행가이드 되고 싶다.
그건 안하면 일본에 한국인한테 여행가이드 되는것도 좋겠다.
ㅎㅎㅎ 드디어 내 미래 알거 같아.

I wrote this completely in 반말 (I think...) so as always, please correct any mistakes I have. Guys, we're slacking on blog posts ^^ Let's get back to posting regularly?

Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

What happened to the Christmas Carol idea?!

Dec 10, 2008

Japanese Grammar Practice Part 1

Note: Haha, I forgot to post this on here.

I'm practicing I figured I'd post it for all to see. Haha, please correct if its wrong.

If you can't see the video, click the link to read it in the actual window! ^_^

1.) は is the topic particle.

  ー タケシさんは日本人です。Takeshi-san is Japanese.
  ー これはコーヒーです。 This is coffee.
  ー 私は20歳です。  I am 20 years old.

2.) の is a modifying particle

  ー 日本語のがくせい Japanese student
  ー 私のかばん My bag
  ー あなたのむすめ Your daughter

3.) も means "Also" or "too"

ー 私も20歳です。 I am also 20 years old.
  ー ハルカさんも日本人です Haruka-san is also Japanese
  ー ケーキもおいしいです! Cake is also delicious!

4.) を marks the object of the sentence.

  ー ボールをください Please give me the ball.
  ー 私は日本語を勉強します。 I study Japanese.
  ー ラーメンをたべています。 I am eating ramen.

5.) で marks the location of an action.

  ー としょかんで勉強します。 I study in the library.
  ー うちでたべます。 I eat at home.
  ー ともだちのうちでゲームをします I play games at my friend's house.

6.) に/へ marks the destination.

  ー うちにかえります。 I'm going home.
  ー としょかんにいきます。 I'm going to the library.
  ー コーヒーやにいきます。 I'm going to the coffee shop.

7.) が marks the subject of existence.

  ー ぼくのうちにともだちがいます。 I have a friend at my house.
  ー しゅくだいがあります。 I have homework.
  ー ブログがあります。 I have a blog.

8.) に can also mean specific time.

  ー 9時にクラスがあります。 I have class at 9 o'clock.
  ー 7時30分におきます。 I wake up at 7:30.
  ー ごご8時にパーディーにいきます I'm going to the part at 8:00 P.M.

9.) ...and it can also mean the location of existence.

  ー あそこにあります。 It's over there.
  ー かれは私のうちにいます。 He is at my house.
  ー ケーキはれいぞこにあります。 The cake is in the refrigerator.

10.) よ is used when giving new information/when assuring something. (I'm assuming you use ! with よ 99% of the time...I could be wrong though)

  ー 日本のドラマはおもしろいですよ! Japanese dramas are fun!
  ー あめはおいしいですよ! The candy is delicious!
  ー 元気だよ! I'm good!