Dec 28, 2008

New Chinese Podcast

Has everyone heard of

No? Well it was started by one of the guys from ChinesePod who has apparently moved to Beijing. It follows a similar format, but with northern accents.

Also, where is everyone? Part of the reason I"m posting this is that no one has posted in a while, and a new visitor recently commented on how little new material there was.


Hyunwoo Sun said...

I guess everybody's been a bit lazy in writing here :) But I hope everybody's been keeping up with their studies!! I promise I'll be back with more updates ^_^!

I'll check out that podcast! Thanks Max!!

Theresa said...

guess i'm guilty of not posting as well. :( sorry ..

i'll try to update more too ;)

Nicholas Cripps said...

Laziness, busy-ness, I really should do more starting next year...