Jul 10, 2008

Intro by Hyunwoo

Hi everyone, my name is Hyunwoo Sun (선현우) and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and what languages I'm currently studying ^^.

I'm Korean, so I speak Korean as my mother language, and I started taking English classes when I entered middle school, but the classes I took in middle school were no help at all, so I had to start all over again when I finally decided to really learn to speak English - which was as I was entering highschool. :)

And since then, I've been studying French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, German, Italian, and the languages I can speak to hold a discussion are Korean, English, Japanese, and French. I'm working on my Chinese and Spanish so that I can hold longer and longer (and of course more fluent) conversations with native speakers of the languages, and I'm a beginner in Indonesian, German, and Italinan. ^^

On this blog I'll try to practice all these languages as much as possible, sometimes by writine, sometimes by recording audio files, and sometimes by uploading videos. :)

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Hyung!
Let's learn a lot together!

Nicholas Cripps said...

It's funny how I came across you (Hyunwoo) through two different places online, first through:
memoirsofagaijin2008.blogspot.com, then through Korean Pod... what a small world.