Jul 26, 2008

Introduction in (regular) Balinese

Now, here's my intro in basa Bali biasa (regular Balinese) - you'll notice the differences right away.


Nicholas Cripps said...

Hey Ed,

I didn't find any words that even had a close resemblance to standard Tagalog vocabulary. Was there supposed to be any?

Ed said...


In the "alus" video, here are the possible cognates:

alit ~ (ma)liit 'small'
adan ~ (pa)ngalan 'name'

In the "biasa" video:

root: dingeh ~ (Ind) dengar ~ (Tag) dinig

root: telu ~ tatlo (which historically comes from *ta-talo via partial reduplication).

I didn't mean for it to be a trick question - sorry if it came across that way ^^

Nicholas Cripps said...

Oh! I was about to site those words, but they just seemed a little too different from standard Tagalog, I should have followed my instinct... besides, I didn't understand any of the Balinese, so I really couldn't decide on the possible cognates (eg. i didn't know 'alit' meant small [though I was pretty sure it was].

Anyway nice videos, keep them coming!