Jul 24, 2008

The Balancing Act

The one glue that binds the writer's of this blog together is that we all are attempting to learn 2 or more foreign languages.
What I'd like to know is how people prioritize.
I guess if you're living in a country where the daily language used is one that you would like to learn, then you have some sort of advantage, but if you are trying to learn 3 or 4 different languages then I guess you're going to learn one better than another.
So anyway, I think it would be interesting to learn how you divide your time between your chosen languages... for example, do you study Chinese for a whole day, then Korean the next? Or maybe some people prefer to set aside half an hour or so a day for all their selected languages?
I also think that the better one gets at a language, the harder it is to set time for learning it... does this make sense?

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maxiewawa said...

I haven't made a conscious decision to divide up my time, but as it turns out I do.

I watch Japanese anime/manga in my spare time, study Korean whenever I get a chance, and rarely deliberately come into contact with much Chinese for study any more. But since I live in China Chinese is everywhere, so I do get regular exposure.

So one language is everywhere so I don't put much effort into it (Chinese) one I'm proficient enough to watch TV/read books in it (taking notes when I see something interesting of course), and the remaining language (한국어) is probably the only one that I ever seriously sit down and try to study.