Jul 18, 2008

A Hilarious Spanish(?) Video

A language-loving friend of mine posted this video in a forum, and I want to share this video with all of you here :)

If you know a little Spanish, this is HILARIOUS :) I'm fighting with sleep right now and this video won me a couple of hours, I think!


Anonymous said...

Haha! That was really funny. I didn't know the days of the week could be so...sensual.

james said...

Very funny!

Hyunwoo, I've want your opinion on something related to this. A while ago I intended to make a 'parody' skit of Arirang TV's Let's Speak Korean but with very bad Hangugeo pronunciation. I was advised against this by a Korean person online. According to her, it would not be well-received by Koreans (insulting even). What are your thoughts on this? I'm sure the video you posted is funny even to native Spanish speakers. So, why would a Korean version be inappropriate?

james said...

bumping for 현우 씨
(I don't know how you guys are notified of new comments.)

Hyunwoo Sun said...

James :) Thanks for bumping it for me ^_^!

Hmm... I would say it really depends on what you say in there. This video was in no way meant to insult anyone, so if it's the same with the Korean video - I don't see any reason it should be bad in any way ^_^ I'd love to try this myself HAHAHA