Jul 20, 2008

Singapore Music - Ai De Xi Wang (The Hope of Love)

I guess most of you here haven't heard of Singapore music before. I would like to share one particular song I really love today.

This song is titled 'ai4 de xi1 wang4' which literally means 'the hope of love' in Mandarin. It's the OST to one of the very awesome Chinese drama serials in Singapore. This show is really amazing because it depicts family violence and love. It's really sad and touching. Below is the video of the song.

The lyrics are already found in the song so if you can read mandarin then you can sing along! I'll put up the Hanyu Pinyin.

ru guo you yi zhong li liang
neng chuan yue bei shang
wo xiang na shi ai
rang meng xiang zhuang shang chi pang

ru guo you yi zhong da an
rang sheng ming jian qiang
wo xiang na shi ai
rang xing fu zai mei yi ge ren
xing shang zhan fang

na pa zai da de feng lang
cai bu san wo jing wo de shou zhang
yong yuan chao zhe ai gei de fang xiang
jian chi yi zhi wo zai shou shang

na pa hui pian ti ling shang
xin gan qing yuan wei ai qu chuang
xiang fei er pu huo zhi yin wei ai de zhao huan
jiu suan hua wei hui jin
yong bao le tu rang
que bo zhong xia ai de xi wang


If there's a kind of strength
That can surpass pain
I guess it's love
That can give dreams a pair of wings

If there's an answer
That can make life stronger
I guess it's love
That can make happiness grow in everyone's heart

Even a great storm
Cannot stop me from holding on
I'll always go towards the direction love is at
Always hold on

Even if I will get hurt
I will also fight on unconditionally
Like a moth I'm willing to go into the fire for love
Even if I were to turn into ashes and dust
And return to the earth
I still want to spread the hope of love

I know it's extremely bad translation. Very sorry but I hope everyone enjoys this song!

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Hazel said...

I love this song