Jul 10, 2008

Intro by Joseph

Hi'lo~~ ^^ Joseph Chan (陳英信) here with his first of who knows how many (and very likely infrequent) posts. I guess I should start with an intro, ne...

Well, I'm a 20-yr old chinese kid with horrible, horrible chinese (well, horrible, horrible cantonese at any rate... since to call my mandarin "horrible, horrible" would be too much of an understatement). To rectify this, I've recently been trying to study it a bit.

Before I started caring to study chinese, though, I began studying Japanese. This I endeavored to do largely because I wanted to read mangas and watch animes/j-dramas without needing to wait for scanlations/fansubs. From there, various things happened, and now I want to learn Japanese and Korean, not only so that I can watch/listen/read things in those languages for whatever ends, but also because I got interested in learning the languages themselves for their own sakes.

I've dabbled in greek and hebrew... but never really got far. If ever I become passably proficient in Ch, Jp, and Kr, I might pick them up again. Then again, p'rhaps I'll pick up something entirely different (esperanto, mayhaps xD).

Anyways, hopefully I'll be making posts in japanese, korean, and chinese containing text, translations, sound clips, and/or video clips ^^

...Or, maybe I'll just disappear from this blog entirely after this initial post ==;;

とりあえず, nice to meet you (whoever you are), and hope to see you 'round ^^

< /joseph.chan >


Hyunwoo Sun said...

Nice intro, Joseph ! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoo~ The trio has finally been completed. Hi Joseph! Good intro~