Jul 15, 2008

Intro by Max

Hello everyone, I'm Max. I'm 26 years old and from Australia, Sydney to be precise. I'm excited to be the newest member of Talk With The World.

My experience with foreign languages began about 24 years ago, when, my parents tell me, I looked up into the sky at a big metal thing flying along, and shouted excitedly [飞机!飞机!]

You see, I grew up in a bilingual family. My Dad is from Australia, but Mum is from Taiwan. She's from a mandarin speaking family, so she ended up speaking to me with her first language, 普通话 or 国语 as it is known in 台湾.

After graduating from university, I came to China. It seemed the right thing to do. I studied music for so long, but it didn't seem to be getting me very far, and I felt that I needed a new start. In China I developed my Chinese literacy (I can read almost anything you throw at me now) and after a short trip to Japan, started learning Japanese.

Eventually I got to the point with my Chinese that I felt that I needed some formal lessons. I enrolled at 上海外国语大学, and since I knew how many 한곡사람 are in 中国 learning 中文, decided that it would be the ideal opportunity to learn 한곡아.

So the languages that I speak, in order of proficiency are English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French. If I met a Korean or French person, I wouldn't feel confident enough to have a conversation without going "뭐?" or “comment?" so I'm not sure if they count! But hopefully with some help from everyone at this site, and some 努力 on my part, I'll get there soon!


Anonymous said...

오신걸 환영합니다!
I don't know how to say it in any other languages!
Welcome to our team~
I'm excited to be working with you and seeing your hilarious videos. Lol, I was reading your post and when you write the hanja (kanji....I don't know what its called in chinese) I was guessing what it said, but in korean...so tell me if I'm correct.

飞机 = 비행기
中国 = 중국
中文 = 중국어
努力 = 연습 (連取)

Is that right? Haha. But yeah~ Hope to get a chance to talk to you soon. I'll help you with your korean ^^v

By the way, did you get that video I sent you on youtube? I tried to watch it again after I had sent it to you but it said the video was no longer available...until this morning when it magically started working again at around 1 AM...

Theresa said...


I'm Chinese too! But I'm Singaporean. My Mandarin isn't very good although it's very much used within my family. It's probably because I seldom write.

It's really nice having you here with us!

maxiewawa said...

Cody, I'm not exactly sure, my Korean isn't that good yet. But 飞机 = plane, 中国 = China, 中文 = Chinese, 努力 = hard work.

Keep working on the Chinese!