Aug 11, 2008

What is the best way to teach children?

옛날에, 우리 이모가 나한테 "우리 딸한테 한국어를 가르처 주세요."라고 말했어요. 그래서, 나는 내 사촌여동생한테 한국어를 가르처 줘봤는데 여동생은 "오빠, 이거는 너무 어렵고 심심해"라고 말했어요. 재미있게 가르처 줄수 있도록, 어떻게 가르처 줄까요? 동생은 한국어를 별로 공부하고 싶지 않은데 이모가 부탁했어요. 그래서...나는 좋은 선생님 되고 싶어요 ㅋㅋㅋ 아이디어 주세요 ^^

A while ago, my aunt asked me if I would teach her daughter Korean. So, I tried to teach my cousin Korean but she said "Oppa, this is hard and boring." How should I teach her so that it is fun? My cousin does not really want to learn Korean but since her mom asked me, I want to be a good teacher. Send me some ideas please ^^


Hyunwoo Sun said...

I believe teaching children involves a lot of non-academic aspects as well, since children have shorter concentration spans and it is more difficult for them to study something based on a purpose. :P

How about just keeping an eye on the language she uses for a while and find what her favorite words are or what words she uses most frequently - and get her to say the same thing to her mother in Korean ? :)

Nicholas Cripps said...

I suggest just concentrating on vocabulary for the meantime, that's how kids learn how to speak their mother tongue anyway... just building up their vocabulary. Showing her pictures of things that she likes or maybe showing her Korean cartoons then teaching her some basic words from that cartoon could help....

Theresa said...

I think she doesn't have interest. The kid I'm teaching is like that too.

I think encouragement plays an important role in teaching. I reward my kid with candies when she pays attention. That works.

Otherwise, do it the montessori way - learn thru play.