Aug 11, 2008

I took a trip this weekend! 이 주말에 여행으로 갔어요!

I took a trip this weekend!
이 주말에 여행 갔어요!

I went to San Antonio with my family!
가족이랑 같이 샌안토니오에 갔어요.

On the first day, we went to Six Flags: Fiesta Texas.
처음날에 우리는 식스 플랙스 갔어요.

It was fun! First, we watched my aunt and uncle ride a roller coaster. I wanted to ride it but I can't. They are too scary. Then we went to the water park and swam for about 5 hours.
너무 재미있었어요! 처음에 우리는 나의 이모과 삼촌이 럴러 코스터 타는거 봤어요. 나도 럴러 코스터 타고 싶었는데 못탔어요. 왜냐하면 너무 무서워요. 그 다음에 우리는 5시간동안 워터파크에 놀랐어요.

When we finished, we went to eat at Lone Star Steakhouse. I ate steak with onions and mushrooms. While we ate, we watched the olympics on TV. Aren't the olympics exciting? After eating, we walked next to the river for a little while.
우리는 끝냈을때, 우리 론스타 스테이크하우스에 먹으러 갔어요. 나는 스테이크과 양파과 버섯이랑 먹었어요. 먹었을때, 우리는 올림픽스 봤어요. 올림픽스를 너무 신나죠? 먹기후에, 우리는 강 옆에 걷었어요.

After that, we slept.
그 다음에, 우리 잤어요.

When we woke up this morning, we went to the Rivercenter Mall. While I was there, I bought a birthday present for my friend and a CD for myself.
다음 아침에 일어났을때, 우리 리버센터 몰에 갔어요. 거기에 있었을때, 나는 내 친구위해 생일선물 샀고 나위해 CD샀어요.

I also bought a South Korean flag to put in my room.
그리고, 태극기를 내 방에 보여주도록 샀어요.

This weekend was really fun!
이 주말은 너무 재미있었어요!

(Wow...I have a feeling there are a lot of mistakes in that. Please correct them! Hope you enjoy the pictures!)


maxiewawa said...

Looks like you had fun!

Cody said...

For the most part, I did :) My only complaint was that the park was kind of dirty and a lot of the rides kept shutting down...

soda said...
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socool said...

Hi, cody!
you did good job!
here's something to tell you
the korean flag is turned over..
hummm i think something's weird
anyway it looks good :)