Aug 17, 2008

Spanish practice - 'tener' (Korean/Japanese/Spanish)

a video on the verb 'tener' :)

The sentences are in the order of Korean, Japanese, Spanish.


james said...

The Spanish sounds very good! I'm just amazed. I've studied Spanish for 4 semesters (and skipped one because it was too easy). Of course you probably know more than I do now 'coz I never use it.

Some things I noticed:
-I heard "teng" instead of "ten"
-your 'o' in "joven" sounded like the Korean "오" (to my ears). It should be like the 'o' in "more."
-éxito (success) the stress is on the first syllable
-razón - initial 'r's are rrrolled too :)

You did great!

Hyunwoo Sun said...

Thank you soooooo much for the comment, James ^^ It's really helpful! 정말 고마워요!

I'll try to take your advice and do better next time! 다음 번 비디오 올릴 때도 조언 부탁해요 ^^

Kendra said...

모르는 외국어가 있나요? 없을 것 같은데...^^
Seems like you kind of have a Castilian accent. :) (It's always fun to try to pick out Spanish accents.)

Hyunwoo Sun said...

Kendra :)

켄드라 씨야 말로 대단한 것 같아요. 프로필을 보니까 군인이시네요. 이라크에 계세요?