Aug 11, 2008

Good thing I speak Spanish, eh?

This weekend, I went on vacation with my family and we went to Six Flags: Fiesta Texas. It is in the city of San Antonio, which has a very high hispanic population. After we had gone on some rides, I wanted to get a drink so while I was waiting in line at this drink stand, the people in front of me were speaking spanish with the clerk. After they finished their order and left, I went up to the counter.

Lady: *blank stare*
Me: Can I get a Sprite?
Lady: *continues staring blankly*
Me: Sprite?
Lady: *after getting the sprite* Tres y cuarenta y dos (or something like that)

So...I think "Do I look hispanic?" but since I understand what she is saying, I just go ahead and give her the money. She counts it out to me, in spanish, and I look at her and say "Thank you" in English (cause I was too lazy to try Spanish) and walked off.

I'm not upset about the situation, I just thought it was funny. Does anyone else have a similar situation?

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Nicholas Cripps said...

I think you look Hispanic, you actually look like a Mexican guy a know...
I was in Barcelona in May, and I ordered a Gelati, I ordered in Spanish and the woman at the Gelateria stared at me... I then realized she was Filipino, but we continued to speak Spanish anyway...