Aug 7, 2008

How do you say "you dialled the wrong number" in Korean?

I've been getting calls here at home, and it seems that our phone number used to be the phone number of an old Korean grocery store or something. So anyway, how do you say: "You dialled the wrong number" in Korean... and "What is the name of the store you are are trying to call?" I think I should contact the store itself and talk about this....

This is how you say "you dialled the wrong number" in other languages:
你打错了 nǐ dǎ cuò le
Wrong number po (Yes we Filipinos have butchered our own language) po is an honorific suffix


maxiewawa said...

I'm not sure of the answer, but it sounds like it could be a funny kclass lesson!

Hyunwoo Sun said...


"전화 잘못 걸었어요" or

"전화 잘못 거셨어요" :) ^^!!