Aug 11, 2008

Multilingual Weekend

This is partially as a reply to Cody's story about how he had to use Spanish, but also partially to show off. :)

I went out on the weekend to a place called De La Coast on the weekend. I don't exactly remember the name. Anyway, it's 100元 for all you can drink, so it's quite popular with people from all over the world (as we'll see). During the course of the night:

I had to push past a group of people speaking German. I said "Entschuldigung" as I pushed past them on the way to the bathroom, and "Es tud mir Lied" on the way back.

I had to get past some Japanese with a loud 失礼しあすよ! and some frantic bowing on their part.

I had a conversation with a Japanese girl in line for the bathroom. The entry for men's and women's were right next to each other.

Three of the people that I was there with were French, so before every trip to the bar
I made a big show of asking "Vous boire quelle-que chose? Et toi? Et toi?" (One eventually told me that "Tu boire?" is enough though.)

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Anonymous said...

looks like we were representing the language learners of the world this weekend ^^
Go us!