Aug 16, 2008

English Assignment 2

I'm trying to teach English online. If you have a moment, please answer these questions in English below. I hope learners don't mind if I correct them!

  • What's in your room?
  • Where is your computer?
Here are my answers:

There are two couches in my room behind me. There's a bookshelf and a table too.

My computer is on two books. The books are on a cardboard box. The box is on my desk.

Some Japanese people I know have problem describing locations of things. They get "My computer is there" and "There is my computer" mixed up.

I've been trying to correct a Japanese friend of mine's mistakes regarding locations for years, but with no success. Hopefully with your help we'll fix this habit.


Cody said...

I'll make a video reply when I get a chance ^^

By the way, you wrote "What's your in your room?"...dunno if that was on purpose or what, hehe.

Also, nice new layout, huh?

maxiewawa said...

Thanks for the editing! And yeah, it looks pretty slick doesn't it!

Hyunwoo Sun said...

There isn't much stuff in my room because it's very small.

I have two desks, two computers, and a mirror.

My desktop computer is on the desk, which is right next to the window :)

Yiwei said...

There are always many many many books in my room...collecting books is my secret hobby ^_^

Why did I say it's a secret?...因为这个爱好, 非常"浪费钱" I've never finished to read them...some of them are still new after three or four years...(I bought it, just because it's a real good book to me) and in fact, I could have a reading by my computer...

We say the new medias are considered as threats to traditional medias, and lots of experts said electronic edition will instead of papers...but it's not true to people like me ^_^

Yiwei said...

Please correct my English, thanks before! ^_^