Aug 3, 2008

I have a question about korean verb forms.

Alright. This question has been on my mind for a while so I figured it was time to ask it.

I'll use the verb 공부하다 for my examples.

공부하고 있다
공부하는중 이다

What is the difference between these? My understanding is that they all mean "I am studying"...but in what situation do you use each form?


Hyunwoo Sun said...

Good question :) 좋은 질문이야.

공부하고 있다 and 공부하고 있는 중이다 mean the same thing!

But 공부하고 있는 거야 is an explanation given as a reply to a question (like 뭐 하고 있는 거야?) asking for verification or clarification, like "what is it that you are doing?" or "what is it that you are doing that keeps you so busy?" or "what is it that you are doing that I think is something not so important or right?"

So when you ask someone 뭐 하고 있는 거야 it can mean something like 'what is this situation? what are you doing? why do you have to do that?' or 'what is the ground for your action'?


Yiwei said...

thank you!