Aug 1, 2008

Repeating yourself in Korean.

The title does not really make sense for what I am going to talk about, but I think you might still be able to understand. I have two different examples for you today with two different grammar points.

Point 1
If you want to tell someone else what a person said to you, there are two ways (that I know of) to do that.

Way 1: -라고 말했다 / 친구가 '아팠어요'라고 말했어요 My friend said he was sick.

Way 2: -다고 했다 / 친구가 아팠다고 했어요. My friend said he was sick.

Point 2
This example is coming from a scene I saw in the korean drama 궁(Palace). 신채경 (Shin Chae-Kyoung) spilled some paint water onto the prince's shoes and she was embarrassed so she tried to clean them. While she was cleaning...

Prince: 그만해 Stop it.

But she kept cleaning, so...

Prince: 그만하라니까! I said stop it!

So...what we are learning right now is -라니까.

More examples that I can think of are...


My confidence on this second point is not very high, but I think I have a good grasp of it. However, if there are mistakes please correct them! Thank you for reading~

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Theresa said...

Actually, I think way 1 is more like:

'I'm sick', said my friend.