Aug 3, 2008


Hi~I'm Uri from South Korea.
I'm staying America for study.
I like to learn any foreign languages.
Especially I want to study Japanese and Spanish.
I'm going to take Spanish class coming semester.
Anyway nice to meet you~!


Nicholas Cripps said...

Welcome! ようこそ!歡迎!어서 와요! Maligayang bati (lol we don't usually say this in Tagalog)

Theresa said...

Hello and welcome to the blog!! :)

Cody said...

누나! 여기 왔어~~~

Hyunwoo Sun said...

Bienvenida :) ようこそ!
Mucho gusto en conocerte!

앞으로 글 자주 부탁 드려요 ^^

Yiwei said...

Hello!! ^_^ so nice to meet you! (I'm new too...ㅋㅋㅋ)

I'd love to travel in Barcelona!! ^^