Oct 5, 2008

Tayo'y Magtagalog Lesson # 1

Hello Everyone! It's been so long since I posted an article here because I was net-less for over month! Now that I'm online again, there will be more posts and videos from me coming your way.
I also noticed that there are 2 new members to this blog (Takeshi and Fanykity)... can't wait for your posts! I'm especially thrilled that we have a native Japanese speaker on board now.

Now without further ado, here is my first Tagalog video lesson. It's very basic, but I hope you like it.

I also made a blog to accompany this video lesson series: tagalog-online.blogspot.com.


Hyunwoo Sun said...


Very very interesting!!!

더 많이 배우고 싶어요.

자주 만들어 주세요 ^^

maxiewawa said...

Salamat po!

It's a little quiet though, I had to get out the headphones to be able to hear.

Nicholas Cripps said...

Yeah I need a better mic...