Oct 6, 2008

一石二鳥 Japanese Reading Comprehension + Korean Vocabulary

Apparently my Tagalog Language Blog is blocked because "it possesses the characteristics of a spam blog." LOL I hope this gets fixed soon.

Now that I'm in Japan, I'm exposed to authentic material that can help me on my road to Japanese fluency. As I wrote in a post on my personal blog, I'll be concentrating on Japanese and will try to learn some Korean while I'm here in Japan, and so I'm trying to come up with ways to acquire some Korean vocabulary while at the same time not taking too much time away from Japanese study.

One of the materials I'm using now is the "Refuge Operation Manual" that was given during a staff meeting at the school I'm working at.
This is great because I get to read authentic Japanese, and the content is very useful. As everyone knows Japan is prone to earthquakes and you'll never know when one will strike. What I've done is basically highlighted all the Japanese words I didn't know, look up the meaning and try to make sense of the sentences and absorb the style of writing in a document such as this.

Luckily, I know most of the vocabulary, so I decided to use this as an opportunity to learn some Sino-Korean words. I love learning various pronunciations for Chinese characters, and learning Sino-Korean words will be useful in the future when I study Korean more seriously. Anyway, all I did was use the a dictionary to look for the Korean pronunciation for each Sino-Japanese word (熟語)and wrote it on top of them.

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