May 30, 2009

Hey, guess what?

Hey guys! It's been a while, huh? Well, I finished my first semester at the new college. I got a B in Beginning Japanese II (Only because I didn't turn in a project >_<). But yeah, it's been fun. I have a new language goal now. I'm going to start learning Vietnamese (for personal....reasons...hehe ^^;; 비밀이다.)

But anyway, I'm going to start posting stuff here about my learning progress (hopefully, if I don't get lazy).

Would ANYONE like to join me? I think it'll be fun (especially if we do stuff together and not just tackle it alone, separately.)

I'll wait for someone to answer...hopefully one of you will be interested :)

See ya!


Nick said...

Hey Cody!

Vietnamese sounds interesting...
I tried to learn some basic Vietnamese a few years back, but the tones defeated me (way harder than Mandarin or Cantonese).
How exactly do you plan to study?
Can you give any links?

Theresa said...

hi cody, i've got a vietnamese friend and i know a little vietnamese here and there but don't think i can survive with those. haha. and yes, the tones are a killer. i doubt i can grasp that even if you gave me 10 years.