Nov 25, 2008

a question on japanese culture

Hello friends!

I was just wondering about something to do with the Japanese culture. We've got family friends who come from Japan and sometimes when they give us gifts, they wrap it up with a piece of cloth.

Now we're in quite a dilemma. We don't know if the cloth is meant to be returned or not. My mum was speculating about returning it being rude like it probably means we don't want to be friends anymore or something like that so we're still keeping the cloth. But I think it's quite weird that we're not returning the cloth .. It looks expensive anyhow.

Anyone knows the answer to this? Thanks a bunch.


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Nicholas Cripps said...

What a coincidence! This afternoon while I was bored at work I was reading up on the gift-giving culture of Japan and China.

In Japan, gift-wrapping is almost as important as the gift itself. So I think you shouldn't worry about returning the cloth.

Theresa said...

thanks ;)